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How to write SEO friendly urls in CodeIgniter - Anil Labs.
How to write SEO friendly urls in CodeIgniter by Anil Kumar Panigrahi. create htaccess file with the following contents. RewriteCond REQUEST_FILENAME -f. RewriteCond REQUEST_FILENAME -d. RewriteRule $ index.php/$1 L QSA., Then url will be. It will be useful. Categories: CodeIgniter SEO.
codeigniter seo friendly url htaccess
An SEO friendly way to remove index.php: Codeigniter 2 - Geedew - Blogging about the web.
However, if the user were to use the URL with index.php still in it, guess what; it will still work. You now have two URLs pointing to the same content! The SEO friendly way to do this would require a little bit of 'tom' foolery with the code. Here is my htaccess file that I use for my codeigniter sites.
How to make truly" SEO friendly URLs in CodeIgniter.
This, of course is what we want in order to have SEO friendly URLs although I think its strange that up until this moment, search engines cant interpret an url. That means that when the CodeIgniter sees an address like http// will know to call the Test_controller method and the a_url_method method.
SEO friendly URL Open Cart Amar InfoTech.
Copyright 2009 - 2022 Amar Infotech. How to active SEO friendly url in opencart. If you are new and want to enable SEO URLs then you have to follow below point. To use SEO URLs you need to enable them under your stores server settings. System Settings then Edit them. Click on Server tab and active SEO URLs. htaccess file, OpenCart provide default htaccess file called htaccess.txt you can rename this file or create new file with below details.
How to make SEO friendly url using htaccess -
How to make SEO friendly url using htaccess. How to create custom error page using htaccess. How to redirect website HTTP to HTTPS using htaccess. How to remove php extension from URL using htaccess. Core PHP Tutorials. Strings in PHP. How to redirect to another page in PHP? How to insert data into MySql using PHP. User Signup and Sign in using HTML and PHP. Read, Edit Delete, and Update data using PHP Prepared Statement. PHP File System. User login and login tracking using PHP. PDO - PHP database extension. How to use PDO to insert data into the database? How to use PDO to read data from the database? How to use PDO to update the database? How to delete records? PHP CRUD Operation using PDO Extension. How to Create Pagination in CodeIgniter.
Codeigniter Clean URL.
SEO, not a choice, if you have a website then you want people to see it, because it is not a desktop application for someone only, that will make web developers ran into problems because the most popular PHP frameworks and CMS dont provide support SEO at their basic tools or modules, I also dont know why? so you will figure out this with some googling, if you are on Drupal or WordPress you will find many modules or plugins, also the same situation with frameworks, every framework has his developers to provide this support by many hacks, libraries, third parties, and in this tutorial I will provide my steps to make Codeigniter SEO friendly URL or to clean Codeigniter URL. Lets go and follow me. 1 Remove index.php. The first basic step after install Codeigniter is to remove the default path index.php from URL, to do this create text file, rename as htaccess, put this code and save.
How to Generate SEO Friendly URL in CodeIgniter - CodexWorld.
If your website built with CodeIgniter and you want to create SEO friendly URL for the dynamic contents posts, products, pages, etc of the website, there is an easy way for doing that. In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate SEO friendly URL in CodeIgniter and store the dynamic URL in the database.
Codeigniter SEO Friendly URL Structure - Mostlikers.
It is easy to structure the URL for search engines and human readability as Codeigniter designs the SEO friendly URL without any queries. Removing index.php from url. By default the codeigniter URL structure will be You can notice the index.php in the URL which is not user friendly, you can easily remove index.php by using a.
CodeIgniter htaccess.
and change it to.: Because you are using Apache mod_rewrite, the above will set your config file so that index.php will NOT show up as part of the URL as such.: instead your URLs will be cleaner.: If you have comments or improvement suggestions please let me know. Posted in CodeIgniter Tagged CodeIgniter, htaccess, mod_rewrite, PHP, SEO 81 Responses.
Common htaccess Redirects GitHub.
I am going from to I think my problem is due to the URL having index.phpin? I hope someone may be able to help me. Thank you in advance. And what is the htaccess you are trying to use? Because this is a gist about htaccess, here is how you do it with htaccess.: Redirect 301 index.php id_product12&controllerproduct. I think it would be much easier, if you would store a csv or a php array in the index.php, and you did something like.: $redirects 12 13 14 isset $_GET 'id_product'' in_array $_GET 'id_product', array_keys $redirects is_numeric $redirects $_GET 'id_product'' header 'Location: '.' I would do it with javascript or html redirect tho, since it is nicer if you redirect it in time, and show a pop-up on the old website, than redirect the user to the new website, and in the meantime tell the Google some canonical url's' and schema info, plus tell it to not follow the link, and what is the new link in place; it is a good seo practice and internal backlinking.
How to Remove Index.php From URL In Codeigniter 4.
we will learn how to remove index.php from URL in Codeigniter 4. why are you remove index.php from URL? because when users using create SEO friendly, user readability and easy to understand for the user. Step 1: Update in the App.php File. The first step is to open the file. And the changes mentioned below. You have to do this in your App.php file. So go to project_name/app/Config/App.php and change mention below.: public $baseURL http //localhost:8080.: public $baseURL http //localhost/your_project_name/.: And the second change in the app.php file.: public $uriProtocol REQUEST_URI.' public $uriProtocol PATH_INFO.' Step 2: Copy index.php and htaccess files.

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