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5 Reasons Not To Use Wix For Your Website - A Brief Wix Review. tag, and absolutely no Header tags. As well as content, those are very important tags for Google. Sure you can be found without them, but in this case you have demonstrated all the behind the
I am a graphic designer and also was a computer programmer and a technology marketer. Ive used word press, Godaddy website builder, square space, weebly, volusion. WIX has been by far, the best platform to build a website at a reasonable price. Takes me less time to create a website thats beautiful for all my clients and they dont have to break the bank. All of them rank on page one of google.
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This saves you the effort to manually create a single page for each post. There are two main kinds of dynamic pages in Wix Code - one is for displaying a single item, while the other is for Category a collection of similar items in a list. The following shows how to create dynamic pages and link them to the site.
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Wix Code will allow you to create two types of dynamic page: a collection of data, and an individual page. Taking our team profiles as an example, you might create a category page with a list of all team members, and then link those entries to a dedicated page for each person.
wix-location - Wix Code.
API Reference Information about the Wix Code SDK. Wix Code SDK. API for getting details about the URL of your site and pages and for navigation to other pages. You can use wix-location functions and properties in your Public and page code.

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